Rangers goalie’s ‘Ghostbusters’ mask screams: I ain’t afraid of no goals

New York Rangers goalie Cam Talbot might get at least one start among the upcoming Stadium Series games at Yankee Stadium, and if he does, he’ll be showing off one of the coolest masks in quite a while.

Talbot’s "Ectoplasm Baseball" mask was released Monday, and he took a little bit of a different direction when paying homage to the city hosting the game. Whereas Henrik Lundqvist‘s mask and pads pay tribute to the New York Yankees with photos of Yankees legends and pinstripes, Talbot is going the pop culture route with his gear.

The mask features images from the classic movie "Ghostbusters," set in New York City. Among the awesome artwork is the "Ghostbusters" logo as well as a picture of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. There are subtle baseball influences as well, with some pinstripes and the characters holding baseball bats and baseballs.

See the mask below (and yes, Slimer also makes an appearance) . . .

”Stadium Series 2014 – Ectoplasm Baseball”