Kessel’s deleted night-fishing tweet rattles playoff-starved Toronto fans

The Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t make it to this season’s Stanley Cup playoffs, but forward Phil Kessel is finding ways to pass the time.

Kessel sent out a tweet (that has since been deleted) on Monday night, giving fans a view into his hockey-less life.

“Night fishing with friends doesn’t get much better,” Kessel wrote in the tweet.

That didn’t go down well with the Toronto Maple Leafs fan base, which much rather would be watching Kessel score goals in the playoffs than hear about how much he loves night fishing.

The responses Kessel got on Twitter were predictable . . .

The tweets compelled Kessel to respond with a follow-up message in which he wrote: “Relax people playoffs would been better some of u need to chill out it’s crazy.” He deleted that tweet, too.



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