Reports: Paulina smokin’ — literally

Paulina Gretzky is so smoking hot, some Southern California bar patrons reportedly ripped her top off Tuesday night — and she has reason to be thankful.

According to TMZ, sports’ most famous daddy’s girl / golf WAG was at The Tipsy Goat in Thousand Oaks, sitting on the edge of a fire pit with a cigarette in hand.

If you think that sounds like a bad idea, it is. According to the report, as she turned to throw the cig . . .

". . . a corner of Paulina’s sweater slipped into the pit, and before she knew it the entire thing was engulfed in flames. . . . Eyewitnesses say Paulina and several bar patrons ripped off her sweater — or what was left of it — and onlookers jumped into action, extinguishing the flames."

Later, we received corroboration on the report — we think.

It was actually the second time The Great One’s daughter has danced with the devil at that fire pit, according to TMZ, which reported that she was once kicked out of the Goat for dancing on that very same fire pit.

Apparently, the future Mrs. Dustin Johnson is doing fine.

And hopefully, she didn’t come out looking like this.

Hopefully she still looks more like this.