Ottawa Senators: The Mike Condon Effect

Netminder Mike Condon has been tremendous for the Ottawa Senators since arriving from his short stint in Pittsburgh.  Coming into a resurgent side filling in for Craig Anderson as he helped his wife deal with cancer. With Andrew Hammond looking no more than a backup in between injuries for this organization and I’d argue lucky at that. Condon has proven himself as a game winner.

Condon did a good job in Montreal filling in for the injured Carey Price and it is quite surprising to see him in Kanata. Some of his numbers won’t blow you away: .912%, which is the league average. However, he is ranked 6th in shutouts with four. Hockey is not all about numbers, there are a lot of intangibles that perspire during a game. Linking Condon’s shutouts into this, it’s his presence that has helped this team. Making important saves at important times to keep the Sens in games. Giving his blue-line the confidence to break forward knowing they have reliability at the back of house.

Now it’s time for Condon to have a rest, as brilliant as he’s been, he’s human after all. It was clear to see the fatigue creeping in, especially with those two mishandles behind the net. When you’re tired it’s the brain that becomes sluggish first, not the body. The fourth goal in Buffalo epitomised that, sneaking in-between the wickets, a shot a fresh Condon would save.

Here comes the dilemma, rushing Anderson back into the fold when he’s not fresh could be catastrophic. On the other hand,  some players can just turn it on. The Hamburgler has been fairly woeful in between injuries, only making 48 saves on 56 shots. A non-competitive .857% isn’t going to keep Ottawa in the playoff hunt.

Get Anderson in net, he has fire burning within and a point to prove. Nicholle wants him to be out there, Craig back on the ice will give her strength. He has played out of his pads this season on a .924% and is a considerable reason as to why the Sens sit second in the Atlantic. Condon will seemingly slot in as backup and with a $575,500 cap hit he’s appeared to be a bargain.

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