Ottawa Senators Rumours: Time To Trade Lazar

Hopes were high when the Ottawa Senators drafted Curtis Lazar 17th overall in the 2013 draft. These hopes have not been realised and it is time to move on.

I am all for giving players chances, and Lazar has had them in spades.  Yes he has gone through some tough times but he has had ample time to deliver. This is a guy who set the World Juniors alight back in the 2014-15 season. Securing awards for the highest percentage of face-off wins (70%), the gold medal and the most goals (5).

Promising Start, Fast Decline

Having been electric in the WHL, he simply hasn’t made the step-up to major hockey and must be seen as a bust.  Only achieving 15 points in his rookie season in 67 games, nowhere near his projected figures. Last year struggling yet again with 20 points in 76 games (.223 PPG). So far this season totalling 1 point in 29 games. Even struggling to make an impact down in Binghamton with 4 points in 13 games.

Trade Price?

The Sens are reportedly holding out for a high price, given the significant interest in him. From what I have heard, a first round pick as well something else is being demanded. Lets be honest, is Lazar worth that price? I don’t think so currently, a healthy scratch for a Sens team that isn’t exactly stacked is staggering for the former first-rounder. Ottawa have invested a lot into the development of this player and understandably want a reasonable return.

It will come down to how crazy this trade deadline gets before the expansion draft. It is even possible that Lazar could end up in Vegas, but you would surely think that the Sens would cash in before then.

Ottawa’s Options

Right now, I think Ottawa would be fortunate to get a second-round pick. This year’s draft class is tipped to be weaker than in previous years, so is it worth gambling on a pick? Well, any decision from here is going to be a gamble. Option A: Trade Lazar for a second-round pick and secure a player with a lower ceiling than Lazar. Option B: Continue to invest in him, with the potential to blossom and conversely could continue to fall.

Final Thoughts

My thoughts: Trade him ASAP, chance your arm at a first round pick but would settle for a second round and something else. Furthermore, he could be used in a trade deal to lure a top-six forward to Ottawa.

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