NHL will stream one game per week on Twitter

The NHL will be taking a page of the NFL’s book by streaming one game per week live on Twitter. 

Twitter has become a very valuable and unique resource for sports leagues. Recently, it has been more than just a place for social accounts. During the 2016 NFL season, games on Thursday Night Football were streamed live on Twitter. This worked out quite well for the league, so the NHL has decided to follow in their footsteps for the second half of its current season.

This will start on Tuesday night when the Boston Bruins visit the Tampa Bay Lightning at 7:30 p.m. ET. The free game for each week will be aired on a different night.

Here’s the full schedule of the streams. It’s worth noting these are for out of market games, so if you live in the markets involved, you might not be able to watch the stream. You can watch tonight’s game between the Lightning and Bruins here.

There are some pretty nice matchups on this list, although the teams involved could be a bit better. Maybe they should have gone with some more rivalry games? But this is a good thing for the NHL. Thanks to an expensive NHL.tv option and other options proving to be equally expensive, if not more so, fans usually don’t get to see too many games.

Hockey isn’t up to par with the NFL, NBA and MLB. It’s the least popular of the four major sports. Anything that can help get the sport out there more is a good idea. Perhaps this helps them make more money next season for their online streaming service. Maybe it helps them get more sponsors. Whatever comes from this for the league, it can only be good.

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