Raunchy 80-year-old Flyers fan explains why she threw bra onto the ice

Anne Duggan's leopard-print bra was one of the more unique items thrown to the ice following Brayden Schenn's hat trick Monday.
Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

Remember the elderly Flyers fan who tossed a bra to the ice to celebrate Braydon Schenn’s hat trick Monday? Philadelphia breakfast show Breakfast on Broad was able to track her down and revealed her identity on Thursday. The woman’s name is Anne Duggan. She is 80 years old and apparently brought an extra bra with her to games for the past three years in the hopes of celebrating a hat trick with it. 

The story gets even better. Duggan appeared on Breakfast on Broad on Thursday and gave what was possibly one of the raunchiest interviews ever by an 80-year-old hockey fan. 

Some of her one-liners aren’t fit for publishing, but among the more appropriate gems was her explanation for why she specifically chose a leopard-print bra to throw.

"I wanted to stand out," Duggan explained in the interview. "I’m an animal."

Duggan went on to discuss some of her more memorable moments as a Philly fan and what her family and friends think of her antics (spoiler alert: Duggan said they think she’s nuts). She also shared her thoughts on the state of the Flyers, who she said were "stinky" earlier this year. While she acknowledged that the team is doing better of late — Philly is 5-3-2 in its last 10 games –she said she does not think the team will make the playoffs. 

More celebrations could be in order for Duggan, however, who already has a plan for a way to best her previous hat trick celebration.

"I’m going to throw a thong," Duggan said in the interview. "I have one. I’m so proud, I got it when I was in my 70s, all furry, you know?" 

That’s one lively 80-year-old woman.