NHL Daily: Ryan McDonagh, Jack Capuano, Boston Bruins

NHL Daily: New York Ranger Ryan McDonagh One of the NHL’s Best American Defensemen, New York Islanders Finally Fire Head Coach Jack Capuano, the Boston Bruins Need Consistency And More! (Morning Coffee Headlines)

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There were nine NHL games on the schedule for Tuesday night. The Dallas Stars topped the New York Rangers in an eventful 7-6 win, the New Jersey Devils beat out the Minnesota Wild 4-3 and the Calgary Flames beat the Florida Panthers 5-2.

The Columbus Blue Jackets topped the Carolina Hurricanes 4-1 while the Ottawa Senators grabbed two points from the St.Louis Blues in a 6-4 victory.  The Chicago Blackhawks grabbed a win against the Colorado Avalanche 6-4, the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Buffalo Sabres 4-3, the Vancouver Canucks shut out the Nashville Predators 1-0 and the Anaheim Ducks took the 2-1 OT win over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Here Is Your Highlight of the Night:

NHL Daily: Morning Coffee Headlines

New York Ranger Ryan McDonagh Among the Best American D-Men

New York Rangers captain Ryan McDonagh is one of the best American defensemen currently in the NHL.  The 2017 NHL All-Star d-man is definitely among the best. [Blue Line Station]

Toronto Maple Leafs Success Not to Overshadow Underlying Issues

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been getting some success lately but the success shouldn’t cover up the underlying issues that surround the time. [Editor-in-Leaf]

The Fluctuating Salary Value of NY Rangers Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik Lundqvist hasn’t been himself lately. The King hasn’t been showing off his best play which begins to raise the question, is Lundqvist’s current salary worth it? [Blue Line Station]

Islanders Finally Fire Head Coach Jack Capuano

The New York Islanders have finally made a move in face of this season’s hardships. The Isles have fired head coach Jack Capuano and will look to other coaching options. [Eyes on Isles]

No One is Safe For Colorado Avalanche

The Colorado Avalanche are looking for wins and aren’t holding back on who they might have to trade to get some success. No one on Colorado’s roster is safe and the team is willing to trade whoever necessary to benefit the team. [Mile High Sticking]

Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs: Tale of Two Rebuilds

The Sabres and the Leafs are two teams that have been working through rebuilds. The two team’s matchup last night put their respective rebuilds to the test. [Sabre Noise]

Boston Bruins Need Consistency

The Boston Bruins have found ways to beat some of the NHL’s most competitive teams but haven’t been reaching their full potential. The Bruins need some consistency if they want to be real deal competitors. [Causeway Crowd]

NHL Daily: Morning Discussion

Here at Puck Prose, we’ve outlined the top five candidates for the Hart Trophy so far this season. the Hart Trophy goes to the NHL player who is determined to be the most valuable to his team.

Putting stats and the top candidates aside, if you were able to give the Hart Trophy to your pick from your team, who would it be? Would you give the Hart Trophy to the player on your team with the most goals or the most heart?

Some determine the most valuable player to be the biggest producer, the player who leads the team to the most wins or the guy that the team can’t live without in the locker room.

Who on your team would be most deserving, if you were to pick, and why?

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