NHL Daily: Kevin Shattenkirk, Pavel Buchnevich, 2018 Winter Classic

NHL Daily: The St.Louis Blues Are Better Off Without Shattenkirk, Ranger Rookie  Buchnevich is Earning His Roster Spot, the 2018 Winter Classic Reportedly a Rangers-Sabres Matchup in Queens and More! (Morning NHL Headlines)

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There were only four games on the NHL’s Wednesday night schedule. First, the Flyers beat the Penguins 4-0 and the Bruins topped the Flames 5-2. Lastly, the Avalanche topped the Red Wings 3-1 and the Ducks beat the Blues 2-1.

The Highlight of the Night:

NHL Daily: Morning NHL Headlines

The Blues Better Off Without Shattenkirk

Kevin Shattenkirk might have been the most talked about trade piece on the market this past trade deadline but the Blues are better off without the d-man. Though highly coveted, Shattenkirk has left the Blues in better condition than when he was with them. In fact, the Capitals’ streak has died off a little bit since Shattenkirk joined the roster. Is it possible that the big time d-man brought a bit of bad luck with him to Washington? [Bleedin’ Blue]

Blackhawks Still Packing Power

The Blackhawks are still topping the NHL’s power rankings. Chicago is packing one of the most intense rosters in the NHL right now and they aren’t afraid to flaunt it. The Hawks are sure to continue to rise through the rankings as they arrive at the beginning of their playoff run. [Blackhawk Up]

Colorado’s Biggest Memories at Joe Louis Arena

Colorado will play their last game in Joe Louis Arena on Saturday and in honor of the last matchup, it only makes sense to take a look back at the Avs’ biggest memories at the arena. Every brawl (and there have been many) to every blowout loss or victory, the Avs have made thousands of special memories with at the Red Wings’ home. [Mile High Sticking]

Buchnevich Earning His Roster Spot

Ranger rookie Pavel Buchnevich is earning his roster spot one game at a time. Buchnevich had a back and forth season, between an AHL demotion or two and an injury to deal with, the rookie has had his fair share of obstacles this season. The best part though? Buchnevich is proving his worth and showing the team exactly what he’s here for. The rookie is confidently helping his team and earning his roster spot. [Blue Line Station]

Islanders Feel Slighted by 2018 Winter Classic News

The 2018 Winter Classic is set to be a Rangers-Sabres matchup in Citifield in Queens. The Islanders might feel a bit slighted because the outdoor venue is closer to their home turf and is a venue that has been rumored and connected to their future relocation. Isles fans might be disappointed by the news, but there is only so much they can do. [Eyes on Isles]

2018 Winter Classic: Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers

It has been released that the Buffalo Sabres will host the New York Rangers for the 2018 Winter Classic matchup in the New York Mets’ home field, Citifield, in Queens. The matchup will be the first Winter Classic to hit New York City and fans’ excitement is already rising. [CBS New York]

NHL Daily: Morning Rant

We haven’t had a morning rant on our NHL Daily for a little bit now, but this one is simply too good to resist. There has been somewhat of a comment war over the release of the 2018 Winter Classic news. Between the upset on the Islanders behalf, the surprise of the Sabres’ presence, and the Rangers’ choice, there have been comments galore.

First, the Sabres-Rangers matchup is a great choice for the area regardless of comment. Not only is it a great local matchup, but its a matchup of teams with two completely dedicated fanbases who have shown loyalty despite the team’s current standings. Whether on a loss or win streak, Sabres and Rangers fans are still going to games. Second, the matchup is local and competitive without being overly rivalry fumed. A rivalry too big would distract from the unique stage of the game, therefore a more local and fitting matchup is better.

The Sabres hosted the NHL’s first ever Winter Classic in 2008 therefore it only makes sense the team gets to host the 10th anniversary. The Rangers’ presence, fan loyalty aside, brings a big Original Six team to the stage that will bring some big attention and a lot of fans. The matchup makes sense without being overly distracting.

As for the Isles, it is a bummer that the team isn’t able to make an appearance at a venue close to their former (and current) home and one that is rumored to be a possible landing spot. But, think about the NHL’s side on this. The Isles aren’t necessarily packing their arena, and they haven’t had outstanding attendance rates for some time now, and the team doesn’t care the same status as the Rangers (or other Metro teams for that matter.)

Nothing on the Islanders, in fact, I’d personally love to see the Islanders take on an outdoor game soon, but this 2018 Winter Classic matchup makes sense and there isn’t any way around it. Even if it were the isles, it would beg the question: why not (insert team name here)?

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