NHL Daily: Jimmy Vesey, Jason Pominville, Toronto Maple Leafs

NHL Daily: The New York Rangers Need Stronger Defense and Trading Rookie Jimmy Vesey Might be an Answer, the Minnesota Wild are stuck with Jason Pominville Despite Low Production, Top Toronto Maple Leafs All-Star Picks and More! (Morning Coffee Headlines)

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Six games were on the schedule for the NHL on Friday night. The Toronto Maple Leafs topped the New Jersey Devils in a 4-2 win while the Chicago Blackhawks topped the Carolina Hurricanes 2-1.  The Anaheim Ducks came out on top against the Arizona Coyotes in a 3-2 OT win and the Florida Panthers took two points in a 2-1 victory over the Nashville Predators. Lastly, the Colorado Avalanche took a 2-1 OT win from the New York Islanders while the Vancouver Canucks topped the Calgary Flames 4-2.

The Highlight of the Night:

NHL Daily: Morning Coffee Headlines

To Deal or Not to Deal: Jimmy Vesey

The New York Rangers are in need of another solid defenseman, but is trading rookie Jimmy Vesey the answer? The pros and cons exist as to what the Rangers might need more. [Blueline Station]

Isles Drop First Game After Bye Week

The Isles returned last night after their bye week in search of a win against the Avalanche. Unfortunately, even though the team put up a good try, Colorado still left the game with the OT point. The only pro is that at least the Isles walked away with a point. [Eyes on Isles]

Hawks Finally Welcoming Rookie Play

Coach Q and the Chicago Blawkhawks are taking a better liking to the youth talent on the team. Coach Q is accurately channeling the youth the season in benefit of the team. [Blackhawk Up]

Oilers Must Protect Patrick Maroon in Expansion

With the Expansion Draft coming every team will need to make necessary arrangements to protect the most vital members of their team. One of these members is Patrick Maroon, a player that the Oilers must protect. [Oil on Whyte]

Avalanche Should Turn to AHL

The Colorado Avalanche have a few AHL-ers in their minor league affiliate that would make great members of the team if called upon. If Colorado is in search of fresh faces, they should look within their AHL team for talent. [Mile High Sticking]

Minnesota is Stuck with Jason Pominville

The Minnesota Wild is stuck with Jason Pominville despite the player’s lack of production. There isn’t much the Wild can do to avoid this one. [Gone Puck Wild]

Canadiens Lose Brandon Gallagher

The Montreal Canadiens will be without Brandon Gallagher for at least eight weeks after being sidelined with a fractured hand. [A Winning Habit]

St.Louis Keeps Falling to Non-Playoff Teams

The St.Louis Blues keep losing games to teams who aren’t playoff competition. While most teams might struggle to get wins against the big competitors, the Blues are having the opposite problem. The non-playoff contenders are the teams giving the Blues a hard time. [Bleedin’ Blue]

Toronto Maple Leafs’ All-Star Options

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a few players who are All-Star worthy on their roster including two big-name rookies Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner. Who else are contenders for the big game? [Editor-in-Leaf]

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