NHL Daily:Ivan Provorov, John Quenneville, Nashville Predators

NHL Daily: A Check-In on Philadelphia Flyers’ Rookie Ivan Provorov, the Devils Have John Quenneville to Look Forward to, the Nashville Predators’ Goalie Troubles and More! (Morning NHL Headlines)

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There were a whopping 12 games on the NHL’s schedule for Thursday night. First, the Devils topped the Flyers 6-2, the Jets beat out the Isles 4-2 and the Predators topped the Capitals 2-1 in OT.

The Blue Jackets beat the Panthers 2-1, the Maple Leafs shut out the Lightning 5-0 and the Hurricanes took an edge over the Wild 3-1. The Blackhawks beat out the Senators 2-1, the Oilers blew away the Bruins 7-4 and the Red Wings topped the Coyotes 5-4 in a shootout.

Lastly, the Stars took the win over the Canucks 4-2, the kings shut out the Sabres 2-0 and the Blues topped the Sharks 4-1.

The Highlight of the Night:

NHL Daily: Morning NHL Headlines

Flyers’ Rookie Provorov’s Season Report Card

A lot of incredible rookies have hit the NHL this season , so it was a little easy for Ivan Provorov to get a little lost in the shuffle. Regardless, the d-man, who went 7th overall in the 2015 NHL Draft, has been an important addition the the Flyers’ roster. The 20-year-old has impressed the team- even if he isn’t posting flashy forward numbers like the rest of his rookie crowd this season. He’s been A+ for the Flyers and that’s what matters. [Broad Street Buzz]

NY Rangers Offseason Sign/Trade Predictions

Okay, so, it isn’t the offseason yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start predicting who might join the blue shirts next season. Sure, free agent Kevin Shattenkirk has been a rumor for a while now, so he definitely makes the list, but would you expect to see Scott Darling donning blue? How about the debut of NHL prospect Ryan Graves? [Blue Line Station]

Isles Lose Wild Card Spot in Loss

The Isles were holding down the second wild card position until they were handed a loss from the Jets last night. The team was confidently chasing the playoffs, but now they have a bit of a setback. Instead, the Maple Leafs have risen to the occasion and now lead the Isles by just a point with a game in hand. The Leafs want that spot just as bad as the Isles do, so they won’t let it go easily. [Eyes on Isles]

Quenneville and the Devils’ Future

The Devils have recalled John Quenneville who has rejoined the Devils’ roster. The team and the fans alike are as excited to see the young Devil back in the rink. Devils fans have a lot to look forward to next season when Quenneville should join the roster for good. Quenneville packs a punch and is ready to give the Devils everything he has, and it will be gladly welcomed. Even though the Devils have had a disappointing season, they won’t find disappointment in Quenneville. [Pucks and Pitchforks]

Toronto Needs a Shakeup

The Leafs are ready to put their playoff skates on. They’re in the second wild card spot and are anticipating making a strong playoff run the second the regular season ends. To do so, the Leafs need to hold down their wild card spot and they need to keep grabbing points to stay ahead and keep their play fresh. Toronto might need a little forward shuffling to spruce up their offense and keep things moving. But, with their most recent (and big) victory- maybe they don’t need to fix what isn’t broken.[Editor-in-Leaf]

Nashville’s Goalie Troubles

Nashville has been one of the league’s strongest teams and are currently holding third in the Central Division. Despite all the success, the Preds still have had one little problem lingering, which might not be so little after all. The Predators have had some goalie problems and they know it. Perhaps it could be defensive play slipping in disguise, but one thing is for sure, they have some things to tweak if they want to be their strongest in their playoff run. [Predlines]

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