NHL Daily: Gabriel Landeskog, P.A Parenteau, New York Rangers

NHL Daily: Colorado Might Want to Deal Gabriel Landeskog But They Shouldn’t, the Isles Made the Right Move With P.A Parenteau, the New York Rangers’ Sparked Offense From the Offensive-Defensemen is Bringing Wins and More! (Morning NHL Headlines)

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There were 11 games on the NHL schedule for Saturday night. First, the Sabres topped the Blues 3-2, the Red Wings beat out Capitals 3-2 in a shootout and the Jets topped the Canadiens 3-1. The Oilers beat out the Blackhawks 3-1, the Senators topped the Maple Leafs 6-3 and the Devils beat the Islanders 3-2.

The Wild beat the Predators 5-2, the Sharks topped the Coyotes 4-1 and Stars topped the Lightning 4-3 in OT. Lastly, the Panthers beat out the Kings 3-2 and the Canucks topped the Flames 2-1 in OT.

The Highlight of the Night:

NHL Daily: Morning Coffee Headlines

Colorado Should Stay Loyal to Gabriel Landeskog

The Avalanche have already made it clear that Gabriel Landeskog is on the trading block for this trade deadline. Despite Colorado’s willingness to part with the forward with the right deal they shouldn’t trade him and should stay loyal to him. [Mile High Sticking]

Chemistry is Key for Minnesota

The Minnesota Wild have been grabbing some success lately and it is all related to the chemistry that the team has had on the ice lately. Close chemistry is becoming key for Wild success. [Gone Puck Wild]

Isles Made Right Move With P.A Parenteau

The Islanders picked up P.A Parenteau in the offseason but ended up waiving him suddenly in the beginning of the season. Though originally it was believed that Parenteau would become an integral part of the Isles, the team made the right move. [Eyes on Isles]

Jonathan Toews’ 600th Career Point

Blackhawk Jonathan Toews has just hit a career milestone by picking up his 600th career point last night. [Blackhawk Up]

Maple Leaf Interest in Landeskog

The Avalanche are shopping Landeskog and Toronto has noticed. There are reports that the Maple Leafs are expressing their interest in the young center. [Editor-in-Leaf]

Sabres Head Into Bye Week

The Buffalo Sabres are heading into their bye week and are doing so with their acquired wild card spot. The Sabres will get a week off but when they return they’ll have some more work to do. [Sabre Noise]

Blues Halted by Penalties and Goaltending in Loss to Sabres

The Blues are falling victim to some unacceptable mistakes. Too many penalties and goaltending issues are causing the Blues some problems and ultimately made them fall to the Sabres. [Bleedin’ Blue]

Rangers’ Offensive Boost From Offensive D-Men

The recent surge of offense from the Rangers’ offense-drive defensemen has been helping the team grab the wins they need to keep their success rolling. [Blue Line Station]

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