NHL Daily: Anthony Mantha, Columbus Blue Jackets, All-Star Captains

NHL Daily: Detroit Red Wing Anthony Mantha is Fighting for a Permanent Roster Spot, the Columbus Blue Jackets Win Their 16th Straight Game, the 2017 All-Star Game Captains Announced and More! (Morning Coffee Headlines)

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Seven NHL games were on the schedule for Tuesday night. The Columbus Blue Jackets won their 16th game in a row with a 3-1 victory over the Edmonton Oilers and the Buffalo Sabres topped the New York Rangers 4-1. The Winnipeg Jets also grabbed a 6-4 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The LA Kings came out on top against with San Jose Sharks with a close 2-1 OT win, much like the Montreal Canadiens‘ 2-1 OT win over the Nashville Predators. The Washington Capitals beat out the Toronto Maple Leafs in a 6-5 OT victory and the New Jersey Devils topped the Carolina Hurricanes 3-1.

The Highlight of the Night:

NHL Daily: Morning Coffee Headlines

Detroit Red Wings’ Anthony Mantha Fighting for Permanent Roster Spot

Anthony Mantha has been a standout player for the Detroit Red Wings. The forward is making a great case for why he should become a permanent member of Detroit’s roster. [Octopus Thrower]

Toronto Maple Leafs Benefiting From Hard Work

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been putting some extra work into their play lately and it is paying off. Toronto is steadily climbing the Atlantic Division and the hard-working roster is the beneficial blame. [Editor-in-Leaf]

New York Rangers Hitting New Year Hangover

The New York Rangers didn’t start the new year on a good foot after facing a 4-1 defeat from the Buffalo Sabres. The Rangers need to get it together if they want to start the year right. [Blueline Station]

Canadiens Should Claim Reid Boucher

The New Jersey Devils waived Reid Boucher and the Canadiens might have some interest in claiming the forward. The Devils recently claimed Boucher from the Nashville Predators. [A Winning Habit]

Columbus Blue Jackets Win 16th Straight Game, Take 2nd Longest All-Time Streak

The Columbus Blue Jackets have officially won 16 straight games and have taken 2nd place for the longest all-time streak. The NHL’s record for most consecutive games won is 17 straight games and the Blue Jackets are looking to take this record. [The Score]

Minnesota Wild and Chicago Blackhawks Headed to a Showdown

The Minnesota Wild is chasing the Chicago Blackhawks for first place in the Central Division. The two teams are heading towards a showdown as they battle for first in the division. [Gone Puck Wild]

2017 All-Star Game Captains Announced

The captains for the 2017 All-Star Game have been announced. Penguin Sidney Crosby will lead the Metropolitan Division, Canadien Carey Price will lead the Atlantic Division, Predator P.K Subban will lead the Central Division and Oiler Connor McDavid will lead the Pacific Division. [Fansided]

NHL Daily Morning Discussion

The 2017 All-Star Game captains have been announced and the reigning champs have been officially designated captains of their respective division.

If you were able to choose the captain for each division, who would you pick?

Personally, I think the decision would be far too difficult to ever truly settle but I’d have a few players in mind.  As far as the Atlantic Division goes, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Shea Weber grab the captain role. Weber has won a lot of love on his new team and has been playing very well for the Canadiens so far this season. I would have liked to see a new face leading the division’s team, even though we were all probably secretly hoping Jaromir Jagr would make another captain appearance.

As a Metropolitan fan, my decision here would be very difficult. Though I’d like to grab someone a bit out of the loop like comeback Ranger Rick Nash, it is impossible to deny the big stars around Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. To mix it up, I might have chosen someone not too far out from first: Penguin Phil Kessel. Though don’t get me wrong when you’re talking Pittsburgh, it is incredibly difficult to look around Crosby.

As for the Central and Pacific Divisions, I’m not sure I’d make any real changes. Though throwing Patrik Laine, Vladamir Tarasenko or Brent Burns into the mix is truly tempting, Subban has been a hit for the Central Division and McDavid has been a monumental part of the Oilers’ turn around.

Who would you pick?

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