Bill Belichick gives very Belichick-ian response to question about Winter Classic

Bill Belichick did not have much he wanted to say about the Winter Classic's effect on the Patriots' schedule.
David Butler II/David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is infamous in the NFL for being tight-lipped with the media, and his typically succinct style apparently transfers over to his NHL thoughts as well. The Patriots have an NHL connection this week as the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens are set to square off in the 2016 Winter Classic rink at Gillette Stadium on Friday. 

The Patriots will play their final regular-season game on the road against the Miami Dolphins Sunday, and the team is altering its travel schedule because of the Winter Classic scheduling. The Patriots leave for Miami on Thursday to practice in Florida ahead of Sunday’s game rather than staying in New England for practice and leaving Saturday as is normal for a Sunday away game. Reporters asked Belichick during a Tuesday conference call how he felt about the change in schedule due to the Winter Classic, and Belichick responded in his usual fashion.


“Wherever the games are scheduled, that is where we play them,” Belichick told reporters. “We got eight at home. We got eight away, just like every other team. For every time we have a long week, we have a short week. Every time we have a short week, we have a long week. I’m just trying to coach the football team, that is my job. I don’t really worry about all the rest of it. Whatever it is, we deal with it.

Belichick also refused to respond to a question about whether Patriots owner Robert Kraft asked Belichick for his input on hosting the NHL event before moving forward with finalizing the plans with the NHL. Belichick urged reporters to stick to football questions only.

The coach is bound to be in a worse mood than usual this week; the Patriots lost Sunday’s game against the rival New York Jets, 26-20 in overtime, after Belichick’s decision to kick off instead of receive to start overtime failed miserably. 

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