New York Rangers Open Letter: We Want the Patriots Feeling

Last night, the New England Patriots won their 5th Super Bowl in the Brady-Belichick era. The unbelievable ending to the game and the subsequent trophy presentation brought me all kinds of feelings.

I can’t believe what I just saw.

As I sit here writing this, just a few minutes after seeing the New England Patriots win yet another Super Bowl in unbelievable fashion, I have so many emotions running through my being.

I hate the Patriots, but I do respect them. That was one of the greatest Super Bowls ever and that is not up for debate.

But man, that hurt.

I’m not saying that because I was invested in the Falcons because I am not in the slightest. But just seeing my friends who are Patriots fans jump up and down as they did the improbable–make a 25 point comeback in the Super Bowl, the single greatest comeback in the big game’s history–had me feeling jealous.

Because that feeling of euphoria, that feeling that you are on top of the world and that you were part of something greater than yourself is something that us sports fans need just as much as we need oxygen in our lungs.

This game reminded me of the one thing I need in my life; the New York Rangers to win the Stanley Cup.

I’m calling upon Jim Dolan, Glen Sather, Jeff Gorton, Alain Vigneault, the entire coaching staff and all of their players: Bring home the Cup, cause your fans need this feeling.

That means swallowing your pride. This means making moves based on what gives the team the best chance to win and nothing else. And this definitely means believing in your abilities.

I am not asking for a dynasty like the Patriots have built. I am not asking for the greatest player of all time or the greatest coach of all time like the Patriots have. All of that is too much to ask and will probably never happen again in North American professional sports.

All I am asking for and all the rest of the fan base is asking for is one time. Especially for the younger fans like me who were too young to remember the last Stanley Cup run of 1994 or missed it altogether.

Give us one time where we can jump up and down into euphoria. Give us a time where we can drown in happiness instead of the sorrow of losing another playoff series.

Helps us gain the feeling of invincibility, the feeling of being part of something greater than ourselves.

Give us a big ticker-tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes, with our heroes who don the red, white and blue sweater for 82 games a season plus playoffs, holding the most beautiful silver chalice the world has ever seen.

For one night, for one minute, give us the same feeling the New England Patriots and their fans got to experience.

Bring us that feeling.

Bring us home the Cup.

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