New York Rangers Election Day 2016 Fan Polls!

It’s time to go to the polls–our New York Rangers polls!

Hey, New York Rangers fans! Since today could go down as one of the most important days in our nation’s history–election day 2016–I figured it might be fun–if not stress relieving–to do some voting on New York Rangers players, past and present.

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Here’s how it works; I have posted many different polls on Twitter which I will embed here in this post so you can all vote as well. I will have 3 options for each poll, and the fourth one will be a write in. To do a write in, you must either reply to the Tweet or use the comment section below to let us know what you are thinking.

The polls close at 8 pm Eastern, so get them in now!

The Polls

Best Player on the 2016 New York Rangers

Best Rookie on the 2016 New York Rangers

Best Rebound Through 13 Games

Best Newly Acquired Player

Best shot on the 2016 Rangers

Best Goalie in Franchise History?

Best Forward in Franchise History

Best Defenseman in Franchise History?

Vote Now!

Keep checking this post and the Twitter all day long until our polls close at 8 p.m to see if who you voted for wins their poll! No matter who you vote for, please go out and vote, in these polls and in the actual polls.

At some point tonight–hopefully by 9 o’clock–we have the poll results up here on the website. We will make sure to tweet out the link when it’s all said and done so keep an eye out for that. The best overall responses to why you voted a certain way may be used in tonight’s post, so please let us know what you are thinking.

It’s your right as a New York Rangers fan to do this, so do it proudly!

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