New York Rangers Election Day 2016 Fan Poll Results

The votes are in! See if who you voted for on the New York Rangers Election Day Polls won!

Some of the polls we posted on our @BlueLineStation Twitter account were close, and some were the furthest thing from it. Regardless of the results, I hope you all enjoyed this little contest! I know how stressful election day can be for some people–I am one of them–so hopefully this allowed you to have a little fun for a few minutes.

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Who I voted for: Chris Kreider

I went off the board with Kreider because I believe when he is on his game, there is no skater on the team that can change a game single-handedly like he can.

Who I voted for: Jimmy Vesey

I will admit that the way Pavel Buchnevich has played over the last few games is making me reconsider my vote here, but Jimmy Vesey, as I have admitted, has far surpassed my expectations. He uses his speed and size to get to the front of the net on a regular basis. He has a great shot and even better passing ability which will make him lethal for years to come.

Who I Voted For: Rick Nash

This on, in my mind, was no contest. Nash has 7 goals through the first 14 games of the season. He came into training camp with the mindset that he hadn’t yet made the team. More veterans should come in with that attitude if it means that their production will increase too.

A few people, including our own Karly Redpath, did make a case for Kevin Hayes to be on here, and I have to say, it has me thinking…

Poll 4: Best Newly Acquired non-rookie #NYR #NYRangers

Who I Voted For: Mika Zibanejad

Zibanejad’s shot is a cannon. He is a guy with a big frame who also skates as gracefully as a gazelle. He has 3 goals and 7 assists on the season, and while he hasn’t quite broken out just yet–although we’ve seen flashes–he has the most potential of any of the new New York Rangers and it isn’t even that close.

One guy left off the ballot was Michael Grabner, but he does have a few supporters

Who I Voted For: Mika Zibanejad

I have only gotten a chance to go to one game so far this season. It was a preseason game against the New Jersey Devils in which Mika Zibanejad scored a goal. It was a wrister from the left circle and it was an absolute doozy. Not many players have that kind of shot. It sort of reminded me of Marian Gaborik in his prime.

There were a lot of Brandon Pirri supporters that tweeted at us.

Who I Voted For: Mike Richter

I knew I probably wasn’t going to win this one. Mike Richter was the only goalie on that ballot with a Stanley Cup ring. Yes, Lundqvist has all the records right now, but I honestly think the two are pretty even. Richter’s ring gave him the edge, in my mind.

Who I Voted For: Mark Messier

I’m not sure why I even made a poll out of this. The answer to this question was so obvious that I am not even going to go too much in depth on it.

Who I Voted For: Brian Leetch

Again, this is another one that shouldn’t even really be a pool. Leetch is one of the greatest defensemen in NHL history. Park and Howell were amazing, Hall of Fame Defenseman in their own right, but this was no contest as well.

Thank you all for voting! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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