What did Dan Boyle do on summer vacation? Work as a rock ‘n’ roll roadie, of course

Dan Boyle had the opportunity of a lifetime this summer.
Robert Stanton/Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

If the NHL is anything like school with the coach asking players "What did you do with your summer vacation?" on their first day back, New York Ranger Dan Boyle has a pretty great story. He served as a rock ‘n’ roll roadie for his favorite band, Faith No More. 

According to the New York Post, Boyle asked the band if he could work for them during the summer, and he fulfilled his dreams in the first week of August when he hopped on the Faith No More tour for a four-city stretch featuring shows in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston and New York City. 

"As silly as it sounds, it was an amazing experience,” Boyle told the Post. "[Being a roadie is] a thankless job, but an important job. It’s not that different from what [the Rangers’] trainers do for us!"

Boyle’s duties included lugging around instruments, helping set up the stage, distributing VIP tickets and training for the upcoming season in between it all. Boyle incorporated stadium stair runs and tour bus pushups in his workout routine. 

The 39-year-old Boyle is about to enter his 17th NHL season and his second year with the Rangers. The defenseman posted 20 points (nine goals, 11 assists) and a plus-18 rating last season. 

And he also has a history with Faith No More. The band even broke the news when he signed with the Rangers as a free agent last year.

Contrary to the idea of the wild rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle on the road, Boyle said there was no crazy behavior beyond a few beers on the tour bus on his leg of the tour. After all, Boyle is still a married father of two.

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(h/t New York Post