Why did the Rangers have a rubber mannequin at Tuesday’s practice?

The New York Rangers have a new teammate, but he's kind of quiet.
Joel Auerbach/AP

The New York Rangers have the third-best record in the NHL through 25 games, so clearly coach Alain Vigneault knows what he’s doing. But sometimes the ways of winners are difficult to understand.

That much was obvious Tuesday when the Rangers debuted the newest member of the team: a rubber mannequin man. The mannequin’s purpose remained unknown, but the Twitter world was full of ideas about the freshest face on the Rangers.

The good news about having a mannequin on the ice is that he is more durable than a human player who runs the risk of getting injured. New York has plenty of problems on the injury front of late, as the team announced this week that both Derek Stepan and Kevin Klein will both miss significant time with injury.

The team has yet to call anyone up to replace Stepan and Klein, so perhaps the mannequin is Vigneault’s idea of a replacement player. Regardless, there’s nothing like a rubber man to lighten the mood at practice. 

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