New York Islanders Top 25 Under 25: Lois Leduc #23

New York Islanders prospect Loic Leduc comes in next at number 23. The big defenceman has the size and strength, but will he get the opportunity?

At number 23 we feature yet another young defenceman in the New York Islanders system. But if Jesse Graham was the slight fast offensively minded  d-man, Leduc is the polar opposite.

The 22 yeah-old Loic Leduc is a big kid, standing at 6’7″ and tipping the scales at 219lbs. He’s that prototypical physical stay-at-home defensive type.

He’s not the type to burn down the wing to push the puck into the offensive zone, nor is he the type to pinch at the blue line to keep possession. What he will do is mop things up on the defensive zone.

What he will do is mop things up on the defensive zone. Make sure traffic is directed away from the net, and if need be, let his size do the talking, asserting himself physically on proceedings.

Leduc comes to the New York Islanders by way of the fourth round in the 2012 NHL entry draft. A draft year that would be memorable for the fact that the Isles used all their picks on defensemen. Seven picks, seven defensemen.

Getting an Opportunity

Which gets to our original question: will Leduc get an opportunity?

He posses an NHL size and meanness. Leduc makes our top prospects for just that reason. He possesses something that not many have. Size.

His size doesn’t entirely limit Leduc. As Hockey’s Future puts it, Leduc can skate: “Surprisingly mobile for such a large player […]”. A big guy that can skate?! Why isn’t he suiting up yet?

Well, as his rank in our list may suggest. Leduc is one of many defensemen in the New York Islanders system. So, much like his teammate Jesse Graham at number 24, he’s low on the depth chart because there are better options.

With some space cleared up, on the roster with Marek Zidlicky leaving to free agency everyone on the defensive immediately jumps up a spot. That is, until training camp starts. Training camp is but days away. Leduc will be given a shot to show there’s a spot for him. Like Graham, he’s got a year to show the Islanders want to keep him.

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