New York Islanders Top 25 Under 25: Eamon McAdams #20

The New York Islanders have depth. So much depth that a goaltender making year-after-year progress only makes it to number 20 out of 25.

Depth is a reoccurring theme in this ongoing series. Having quality options from every position on the ice is what this series is really trying to show. At number 20 is our second goalie in the New York Islanders system: Eamon McAdam.

The 21-year-old goaltender was drafted by the New York Islanders in the 3rd round of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft.

The young American is one of those tall athletic goalies that are revolutionizing the position. Standing at 6’3″, McAdam isn’t one of the tallest to play the position, but he’s helping that average trend… upward to Ben Bishop levels.

But what makes this kid special?

Athleticism and Progress

The big positive for McAdam is his progression. Year-after-year McAdam has been getting better-and-better.

From 2013-14 to 2015-16 McAdams has increased his workload while simultaneously improving his statistics.

For goaltenders, that means his save percentage (SV%) and goals-against average(GAA).

Over those three seasons, McAdams has improved his save percentage from .882 to .913. His GAA dipped over the same period from 4.09 to 2.98.

It’s just the type of progress you want to see from a prospect. Something to give you pause for through going through the roster.

His improvements are a direct benefit from his incredible athleticism.

Just take a look at this highlight reel save from just last season against Michigan State. It’s one of this stops where you just don’t know how he got in place to make such a stop.

McAdams just signed a three-year max deal with the Islanders in March of 2016. The contract would move Eamon from the NCAA into the Islanders AHL team in Bridgeport, putting him one step closer to the NHL.

Unfortunately for McAdams, the Islanders are deep in the crease.

They have both Halak and Greiss to fill out the current NHL roster. They also have Berube and Gibson to fill out that third string NHL goaltender and AHL starter. And then you can’t forget about Ilya Sorokin out in Russia.

Sorokin the reigning goalie of the year out in the KHL, after putting up some killer number last season. With five games already this season, Sorokin has a 1.31 GAA and .936 SV%, meaning he’s on pace to repeat. Sorokin further complicated McAdam’s path to the NHL. But should he continue his current trend he might just get there soon?

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