New York Islanders Tavares Reunion With Subban

A lot of things happen in hockey’s off-season, but what if we could have added one of the biggest pieces moved this offseason. What if we could have reunited PK Subban with his pal, and New York Islanders Captain John Tavares.

Two monster trades happened this offseason, both were monstrous for entirely different reason. One was a trade of a superstar for an unproven top-pair blueliner in Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. The other was a swap of superstar defenseman in P.K. Subban for Shea Weber.

Now let’s just play along and assume that we had the assets Montréal would have valued enough to pry PK from them. How amazing would it have been to bring PK to New York, his cannon of a slap shot on the point, and his marauding ‘back-check’ on the blueline?

Now getting the deal done with Montréal wouldn’t have been likely, unless we decided to ship Leddy and maybe even Hamonic their way. And that’s just non-sense. Although, the Habs did take Weber for Subban, and some argue that trade was the worst in Canadiens franchise history. So, anything is possible.

But let’s look passed that veritable impassable issue; we’re dealing in hypotheticals at this point anyways.

The Balance

Adding Subban to the roster would bring in one of John Tavares‘ buddies. Just look at these two talk about their friendship from, what now seems like a long time ago, 2009.

Fresh faced, jovial, and without a care in the world. No sense of responsibility. The hopes and dreams of their respective franchises haven’t yet started to weigh on them.

Only Subban had been drafted at this point. Tavares was in his draft year, but would have seen the writing on the wall with the Islanders already firmly planted to the bottom of the league going 2-10-2 in the month of December 2008.

How great would it be to have these two feeding off of each other out there on the ice? Some of you might bemoan how PK is a character and a lively individual. But wouldn’t that balance out John Tavares‘ perceived “boring-ness”?

Many feel that Tavares is a boring individual, I disagree, but I see the argument. Having Subban would absolutely balance that out. But there’s a big assumption, and that getting him in the first place. We’ll never get to see what it’s like to have Tavares and Subban play significant professional hockey together, but just thinking about it is amazing.

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