New York Islanders Should Steer Clear of Hanzal

It’s been reported that the Arizona Coyotes have made Martin Hanzal available for trade. The New York Islanders need to use every fiber of their being to steer clear because I know they’re tempted.

Martin Hanzal is the exact type of player I can see the New York Islanders going after in their attempts to shake up the team. Thankfully Hanzal has a modified no-trade clause that might just save them Islanders from themselves.

Hanzal stands at 6’6″ and weighs 228lbs. He’s not old, but he’s not young at 29 years-old. He’s a big prototypical power-forward. He’s a year removed from scoring 40 points on an absolutely terrible Arizona team. He’s got Jack Capuano written all over him.

Wait, does he hit? You know it. Hanzal averages 6.3 hits per 60.

So why haven’t the Islanders begrudgingly gone to get him? Thankfully Hanzal has a modified no-trade clause.

According to Cap Friendly, before any sort of trade Hanzal gets to submit a seven team no-trade list. How much do you want to bet the Islanders are on that list?

It’s A Good Thing

For once, the inaccurate stories about the long commute for players to the game, the overblown stories about the bad ice at the Barclays, and even the recent predicament of being last in the East, might just be working in our favor. Our, in this case, being the fans.

The last thing the Islanders need is a battering ram on skates. I understand the appeal for more grit and sandpaper, but the Isles have plenty of that. The Isles need skill and talent.

They need top line talent. Arguably they need  much more than that. But if it’s just about acquiring a single piece, the focus has to be on the top line. Not a not-quite-old or not-quite-young behemoth.

Some fans might be clamoring for Hanzal, but let’s be clear. He isn’t what the Isles need. Look, the worst team in the NHL right now doesn’t need or want him.

Hanzal has a place in the NHL I’m sure of it. But Brooklyn it is not. Thank God for that modified no-trade clause. Cause it’s saving the Isles from themselves on this.

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