New York Islanders Regression and Why It’s Worrysome

The New York Islanders have not come out of the early season strong. The team at times looks clueless and I’m worried.

Besides looking clueless at times, the New York Islanders have somehow managed to hang in most games. Winning five contest and floating close to .500, but that’s masking all the issues surrounding this team.

The first issue is goaltending, looking back at last season’s playoff run, what was one of the Islanders strengths? Especially in the first round of the playoffs? It was how great the goaltending was.

Thomas Greiss was amazing in the first round and showed he could start and should start. Jaroslav Halak was our guy midseason last year, but when he went down Greiss helped the team get into the playoffs and win their first playoff round since 1993.

Now flash forward to today where Halak is starting and I’m worried about his mental and physical health. He has not performed well in shootouts. Also, his agent’s actions has put Halak on the trading block. Although let’s be clear, it’s not like Halak is without blame here. Agents don’t act alone.

Could this trade actually happen? Yes, However, if Halak wants to be traded he should do it quietly. The Islanders don’t need the distraction of a public feud between Snow and Halak.

John Tavares: Sherpa

Next, when I heard Andrew Ladd was coming to Brooklyn I was excited to hear a good veteran player was joining the team. He looked to be a good playmaker and was coming play with John Tavares. So far we’ve all been disappointed.

Ladd has produced one goal and one assist in thirteen games. It is no surprise fans are not pleased with him or Jason Chimera. Another free agency pickup who has only produced one goal and three assists.This is no help to John Tavares who is finding himself working harder and carrying the team on his back again.

Lastly, it is easy to blame the coach in any sport. However, Jack Capuano‘s time may be done. I think his years of getting by are over.

He doesn’t show leadership after a big loss or persuade the team to go out the next day to win. Also when we give up a goal at the last minute, he should rally the team together and make them want to go out strong in overtime.

I just don’t see that it and it indefinably worries me. This team was supposed to push on from last year. Be as good as the 2015-16 version. So far this season it looks like the Isles might regress. And that worries me.

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