New York Islanders Post Game The Capuanosense Strikes Back

The piping hot New York Islanders charged into Columbus Saturday night having won five of their last six, with points in all six games.

Sadly, the end result for the New York Islanders was not what you would have hoped for going against a Blue Jackets team that had played the night before and was missing their captain, Nick Foligno.

Thankfully, the Islanders head coach Jack Capuano was around to explain some of the shortcomings that led to the defeat.

“You gotta manage the puck, you know, they just made some really bad decisions with it”

This is one of the first accurate statements I’ve encountered from the progenitor of Capuanosense. The Islanders did, in fact, not manage the puck very well last night. I don’t know who was counting the giveaways for last night, but the one giveaway they have listed is perhaps not including the passes that seemed to deliberately go directly from an Islander to someone on the other team.

“They’re a young team, they’re fast, they play hard.”

Finally, back to some Capuanosense. The Columbus Blue Jackets are indeed a pretty young team, however not as young as the Islanders. The average age of their 25 man roster is 25.5 years-old and the Islanders is an even 25. As I mentioned, they had also played the night before, which begs the question why were they playing faster and harder.

“I thought we were playing pretty good hockey…”

Re: Jaroslav Halak “He played a really good game”

No. Just no. Capuanosense has no concept of what the word “good” means. Losing a game 6-2 is not playing pretty good hockey. Allowing six goals on 39 shots is not having a really good game. I should add here that I don’t think this loss was entirely Halak’s fault as there was not a ton of defense, or anything at all really, going on in front of him for most of the night.

I’m starting to feel bad for Jack Capuano as the window for this team and I would guess his time as their head coach continues to close. Despite their recent hot streak, the Islanders still sit at the bottom of the Metropolitan Division, 2nd to last in the Eastern Conference.

End Note:

We got to see J.F. Berube tonight for the first time this season. An important thing to consider as pointed out by Newsday’s Arthur Staple:

This is my first example in what may have to become a Snow-sense article. I think a thorough review of the decisions the GM has made that have led us to this place is in order. It will, of course, be completely without context as Garth almost never speaks to the media.

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