New York Islanders Post Game Back After Bye Week

The New York Islanders made their not-so-triumphant return to the ice last night in Colorado against the Avalanche.  Unfortunately, the lackluster result following the bye week looked more like a wave goodbye to the Islanders playoff chances than a break before making a playoff push.

The usual post-game platitudes were in attendance after the Islanders failed to beat the worst team in the National Hockey League. One point garnered from this game is almost more humiliating than an outright loss. A microcosm of the half measures that pervade this season of Islanders hockey, that point represents the mediocrity this organization has been mired in for far too long.

A few interesting facts to consider for those still holding out hope that the Islanders might somehow end up playing at the end of April:

  • The Avalanche are last in the league in Goals For.
  • The Avalanche lead the league in Goals Against.
  • The Islanders had scored 19 goals over the last 4 games before the ‘bye week’.
  • Avalanche 1A goalie Calvin Pickard has a 3.06 GAA for the season.

A normal person would find these kinds of statistics encouraging.  Fans of any other team might think “Ok, this can be an easy win to start the new year.”  But anyone who watches the New York Islanders regularly had to know this only spelled doom.  For despite all this, the Islanders found a way to lose.

Apparently most of a week was not enough time Coach Capuano to prepare the team to perform against the league’s worst (or for him to effectively shave). The silence coming from the front office seems to get louder with every loss this team racks up. This was not a great way to start 2017. But then again Islanders country has never really been a place for optimism.

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