New York Islanders Must Stay Away From Evander Kane

The New York Islanders are reportedly interested in Evander Kane. It would be in their best interest to stay away from Kane.

It doesn’t feel like the New York Islanders are close to acquiring Evander Kane but we should address this before this gains momentum. He would not be a good fit with the Isles.

Back in 2011-2012 at just 20 years old Kane had an impressive season where he put up 57 points. 30 goals and 27 assists are certainly very impressive, but Kane hasn’t been the same player since then.

Injuries have been a main case for why he hasn’t played up to expectations. He’s played in just eight games so far this year and hasn’t played in more than 70 games since that 2011-2012 season.

If the injuries weren’t enough to make the Isles stay away from Kane, the off the ice issues surrounding Kane should keep them away. He’s had numerous run-ins with the law during his time in the NHL.

Evander Kane is too much of a risk with not enough chance for a reward. Is it worth trading a Travis Hamonic for a guy who put up 35 points last year and has a ton of baggage?

Plus, whether fair or not, Josh Ho-Sang who is currently in Bridgeport has drawn comparisons to Kane mostly due to his alarm clock incident from last year. Certainly over sleeping isn’t as bad as Kane’s legal problems.

I think the comparison is more to character rather than the severity of the off ice issues. The point is the Islanders have Ho-Sang to “worry” about (even though I don’t think he’ll be an issue) Kane isn’t worth the headache.

The Islanders absolutely should make a trade to improve this team, but it should be the right trade. Trading away a solid defenseman who is locked up on a very team friendly contract for a risk like Kane would be dumb.

I’m willing to part ways with one of the Islanders many underachieving forwards but I’m apprehensive to deal Hamonic. The Islanders will have to be on the lookout for a deal, but not this one.

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