New York Islanders Lock Up Cal Clutterbuck for Five Years

The New York Islanders completed some business on Friday. It wasn’t a trade, and it wasn’t a firing. They locked up one of their players to a five-year $17.5 million deal.

On Friday the New York Islanders signed fan favorite Cal Clutterbuck to a five-year $17.5 million deal. Keeping him tied to the Brooklyn team till the 2021-22 season.

That’s a $3.5 million cap hit for a player that generally plays on the fourth line. Add Cizikas’ contract to the mix and you’re looking at $6.85 million for two fourth line players.

Now, I said the same on twitter shortly after the deal was announced and immediately got some bounce back. Cizikas and Clutterbuck were not fourth line players, considering both their time-on-ice and the fact that we have other players that are playing on the fourth line.

But does having worse players suddenly make Cizikas and Clutterbuck better? Does the absence of a good partner for Tavares mean that Bailey is a first line player? No.

Look I get it, Cizikas and Clutterbuck both play a ton of minutes. Both play an average of 14:46 and 15:26 respectively. But again, just because the coach decides to play them more frequently doesn’t make them better players. We already knew Capuano loved these players.

In the Isles current streak of 4-0-1 both Cizikas and Clutterbuck have a combined seven points. These two aren’t the catalyst for the Islanders fortunes recently.

But never-the-less here we are, and the Isles have committed big money for another player that might not pay it for in terms of production. Clutterbuck is a good player to have and a great penalty killer. But does that mean you cap tie yourself to secure those services?

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