New York Islanders Jack Capuano’s System Is To Blame

Ever wonder how the New York Islanders went from a fun and exciting team to a consistently boring watch on a nightly basis? Jack Capuano’s system is a big part of the reason.

Just two years ago through 20 games the New York Islanders had a 14-6 record. This year through the first 20 games the Islanders have a 6-10-4 record. Essentially flipped from that 2014-2015 season.

What the heck happened in just a two year span? Sure, losing Matt Martin, Kyle Okposo and Frans Nielsen hurts but I don’t think anyone was expecting this kind of drop off.

Jack Capuano’s system happened. The Islanders are trying to play a dump and chase physical brand of hockey. The same brand of hockey that was a disaster for team USA in the World Cup of Hockey. Nonetheless that’s what Cappy runs, fine.

The biggest issue with that is the Islanders don’t have physical players. Matt Martin was their physical presence, he’s in Toronto now. The Isles are running this system with speed players.

There’s clearly a disconnect with Garth Snow and his coach as Garth continuously gives Cappy speed players when he stubbornly continues his grind-it-out style. Either Capuano has to change his system or Snow has to change the players he brings in.

Well, since the players are already here it makes more sense to change the system. Why not go with a quick paced puck possession game.

I’d like to see what the likes of Ryan Strome, Anders Lee and Brock Nelson due with a different system. More importantly a different coach.

The blame for the lack of development has to go on the system, which is Jack Capuano’s forte. What other explanation could there be?

Anders Lee went from a 25 goal scorer to looking completely lost on the ice. Ryan Strome put up 50 points two years ago, now he’s a healthy scratch after not recording a point in 12 games. Was that a fluke or are the Islanders just not playing the right style of game.

I’d like to believe it’s system failure more so than fluke. Players are supposed to grow and develop, it doesn’t make sense for players to drop off the face of the earth like these Islanders have.

As long as the Islanders continue to play this grinding, dump and chase a.k.a boring brand of hockey they will continue to spiral out of control. If they went back to the high paced, fun style maybe they would be slightly more competitive.  It’s worth a shot.

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