New York Islanders Halak Talks Have Cooled Down

Last week NHL super agent Allan Walsh took to Twitter to bemoan the New York Islanders three goalie system. A move that changed absolutely nothing for the Isles approach to staffing their goaltending situation.

When Allan Walsh commented on the New York Islanders three goalie system it was perceived as a scathing indictment of Garth Snow and his management style. Snow’s risk aversion was detrimental to his fellow goaltenders.

Carrying three goaltenders Walsh said resulted in insufficient practice time for each, and thus can’t possibly stay sharp.

Isles fans have gotten to know Snow over the las ten years, he doesn’t take public slightings well. And almost on cue, it was reported that Snow let every GM in the league know that Halak was available for trade.

No Market for Trade

But now, ten days later Halak is still with the team. According to the Fourth Period interest in Halak has dried up: “Last week, two teams showed considerable interest in Halak and made serious inquiries, but it appears talks have once again cooled.”

Since sending out his likely passive aggressive email around the league shopping his netminder, Halak has figured prominently for the Islanders.

Initially, the Islanders turned to Thomas Greiss after Walsh’s comment, but after 13 minutes against the Lightning, the Isles haven’t looked back.

Halak has started the Isles last three games, posting a .920 SV% and a 2.33 GAA in the process. His value to the Islanders is immense. Snow’s ask in terms of return was likely more than teams were willing to entertain.

Which is probably due to his aforementioned email. By making Halak available his value on the trade market dropped considerably. Teams knew Snow didn’t want Halak, and Halak wanted out. Why pay top dollar?

Snow only has himself to blame for a deal not being done for Halak. His rash behavior sunk any trade before it even happened. Both parties are going to have to suck it up and let Halak play himself into a trade.

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