New York Islanders Fans Can Forever Be Thankful

This Thanksgiving fans of the New York Islanders are not feeling too thankful. So far a rough start to the season has downed many fans hope of a playoff birth. But maybe, I can change that frown to at least a half smile.

I’m a big New York Islanders. I love this team. Sometimes to a fault. Wins feel great and loses hurt. I’m always watching and attending games. I’m always talking and thinking about what the team did right, or wrong, with friends.

But win or lose, I feel thankful to be a fan of a team that was a true dynasty. Even if it was back in the early eighties. Unfortunately, I missed that run and now I’m looking and hoping to see my team get past the second round again.

I’m thankful for last season’s first round win but now I’m looking to see my team go further. Something this new ownership group promised, and it’s something I believe they can deliver on.

I’m thankful for having John Tavares as our superstar and captain. On most nights he is the sole positive on this Islanders team.

But besides him, I’m thankful for all the legends of the past that have played in our uniforms. From the hall of fame coach Al Arbour to a hall of fame GM in Bill Torrey. To hall of fame players like Denis Potvin, Mike Bossy, and Bryan Trottier.

The Islanders were grateful to have them and we as fans will forever have the memories of their exploits in our minds.

A lot of fans are thankful for being born into a Islanders fan household. Your grandfather or father may have taken you to the coliseum since you were a child and turned you into a fan. Now for a lot of people they are taking their own children to game at the Barclays center.

Some families fandom goes back a long way in a tradition that few fanbases have. Besides how many members or how long you’ve been a fan be thankful that you get to share the high and lows of being a New York Islanders fan.

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