New York Islanders Daily: This 2016-17 Team Is Just Bad

The New York Islanders were heading into this season with high expectations. But that all seems like a pipe dream after all of the Islanders struggles.

Yesterday Brian Erni of SNY wrote that maybe the New York Islanders just aren’t very good. I’m willing to take it one step further, I guess I’m not as optimistic and I will say it is confirmed that this team is bad.

Sixteen games is a big enough sample size to determine what a team will be. The Islanders are a team that can’t score, hold a lead, or play a full sixty minutes. I know this because we’ve seen it on a nightly basis.

Anyone who follows this team regularly can see it. But why can’t the Islanders see it? If they did don’t you think a change would’ve happened by now?

Every night it’s just going through the motions rather than trying to institute real change. I’m sorry, shuffling up the lines like a deck of cards doesn’t count as trying to institute change. It’s become an old tired practice that is not working.

It’s not just Jack Capuano‘s fault. Garth Snow didn’t do enough to improve the team. It falls on him as well. Not only that but the players aren’t playing up to par either. That one can be chalked up to coaching as well if you want but what the heck happened to Anders Lee and Ryan Strome?

It’s John Tavares and maybe Brock Nelson on offense right now. The Islanders are a team maxed out on the cap with one star. Something is clearly wrong here.

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This was our post game from yesterday which usually includes highlights. Since there were none it turned into more of a rant.

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The Islanders didn’t listen to Mitch unfortunately. They were in the penalty box their usual amount which is way too high.

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The New York Islanders continue to struggle through each and every one of their games. The lack of discipline did it again.

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