New York Islanders Daily: Strome and Lee’s Development

The New York Islanders are a team that is relying on their youth to take the next step. It’s clear they haven’t taken the next step yet, but will it ever happen?

Arthur Staple did a New York Islanders mailbag and the question that came up the most was on Ryan Strome and Anders Lee. The question was whether or not there is concern for these guys.

Staple answered by say that there is a definite cause for concern. The Isles demoted Ryan Strome off the first power play unit which Staple believes won’t help him. While Lee is at his best when he’s in front of the net wreaking havoc.

I agree with Staple on this one. Lee is a very streaky player and right now he’s not giving you all that much. Putting Lee on the top power play unit where he can get in front of the goalie and then be in position to put in a rebound will get the most out of him.

Lee isn’t a particularly good skater but he can have value to this offense if used correctly. Get him down low in the dirty areas, as Butch Goring likes to say, and let him go to work.

At times Strome looks like he can be a productive player while at other times he starts to look like 2015-2016 Strome. He is just 23 years old so the question becomes if he’s truly finished developing or not.

Lee on the other hand is a little bit older at 26 years old. If anything we know what Lee is but Strome still seems to be a question mark. If we continue to wait it out by the end of the year we may have a better idea of what he will be as an NHL player.

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