New York Islanders Daily: Shaking Things Up

The New York Islanders and their anemic offense are set to take on the defending Stanley Cup Champions. In adjustment Jack Capuano shuffled the lines.

We know a coaching change isn’t coming, we know a trade might be coming, but for now the usual shuffling of the lines will have to due for the New York Islanders. Jack Capuano is looking to find the right line combinations, something he has failed at so far this year.

The Islanders will showcase a new top line consisting of all former first round draft picks by Garth Snow. It’s Josh Bailey (2008), John Tavares (2009), and Ryan Strome (2011) who make up this new line combo.

Josh Bailey has been serving as John Tavares’ winger for some time now. I think everyone can agree that Bailey is not a top line caliber player. If you’re talking bottom six, that’s right in Bailey’s wheelhouse but next to John Tavares…hard pass.

I might puke if I have to talk about 2014 Ryan Strome again in order to defend him. I’d love to talk about something he’s done the last two years to earn a top line spot but I cannot. Strome’s been terrible the last two seasons showing signs of regression.

So right now the Islanders have an all world talent in John Tavares, an underachieving first round draft pick in Josh Bailey and a regressed Ryan Strome as their top line, God help us.

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