Canadiens goalie Carey Price’s wife blasts ‘cruel’ media for ruining pregnancy news

Carey Price and his wife Angela did not get a chance to tell family and friends about their pregnancy before the press reported it.

Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images

Angela Price, wife of Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price, lashed out at the “heartless” media for leaking the story of her pregnancy before the couple could make the official announcement themselves and alert family and friends.

In a post to her personal blog published Wednesday entitled, “First Came Love, Then Came Marriage…..,” Price noted how a “gossip website took the initiative to announce our pregnancy over the weekend.” She then proceeded to blast specific media outlets who reported on the news, lamenting on how “this exciting moment was stolen from us.”

“To 25 Stanley, @JohnLuTSNMtl and other publications who had the audacity to share our pregnancy, shame on you,” Price writes. “That was disrespectful, tasteless and just plain cruel. Announcing you are going to be parents for the first time is literally a once in a life time experience that you took away from us. It is people like you that make it hard for athletes and their families to want to play in this market.”

Price did mention how the couple was “lucky that most reputable media outlets seemed to have basic human decency and did not share the story.”

She indicates in the post, which features a photograph of the couple holding Diet Coke cans with the words “Mom” and “Dad” written on them, that the couple is “determined not to let this intrusiveness ruin this exciting time in our lives,” but she “felt like it was important to share just how hurtful the actions of those select few were.” She then admonishes those outlets who did report the news by stating, “Hopefully you will be more respectful with future families.”

One of the reporters who broke the news, John Lu, did attempt to make amends for what he called "a lapse in judgment."

In one final note, Price does show a sense of humor by sharing she appreciates the suggestions on social media that the couple name their child “Stanley.”

“Haha but thank you for all the suggestions,” she wrote.

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