Brendan Gallagher, Brad Marchand get into Twitter spat with former NHLer

Brendan Gallagher and Brad Marchand are normally enemies on the ice, but they teamed up to take on a Twitter battle against Jim Kyte.
Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images

Have you ever heard of Jim Kyte?

If you’re a NHL fan under the age of 30, you probably haven’t heard of him. Heck, if your a NHL fan over the age of 30, you probably don’t even remember him.

Kyte played 14 seasons in the NHL, amounting 17 goals and 66 points in his career. Kyte was also the first legally deaf player to play in the NHL.

Kyte, mostly known for being an enforcer, has taken exception to today’s NHLers taking liberties against their opponents. And he called a couple of them out when he tweeted this for the world to see.

Problem is, current NHLers have Twitter accounts too. And Brendan Gallagher put Kyte in his place right away.

That video features Kyte taking a cheap shot at Mario Lemieux.

That caused the two to get into a heated Twitter battle.




Kyte ended his spat with Gallagher with one final tweet.

Then Brad Marchand, the other player Kyte initially mentioned, piped in. Marchand ended up deleting his Tweets, but not before several people managed to get some screenshots.

After Gallagher announced he was done with the argument, Kyte went on a 19-tweet rampage about how he would have a better chance at playing in today’s NHL over Gallagher playing in the 80s. 

Hey, if you’re going to dish out some hate on individual players, make sure you can take it.