Minnesota hockey mob won’t leave TV reporter alone

Jonathan Choe of KMSP FOX 9 in Minneapolis was just trying to do his job, but "idiots" kept getting in the way.

That was his description for members of the crowd that gathered around him as he was reporting from the streets after the University of Minnesota lost the NCAA hockey final to Union College on Saturday night.

Police on horseback and in riot gear, occasionally firing paintball pellets, eventually dispersed the disorderly crowd, making 19 arrests. We’ll take a wild guess and assume that some of those gathered may have been drinking.

Meanwhile, Choe had to push off the people who closed in on him when he tried to do a live shot. We’ll take a wild guess that some of those folks may have been drinking, too.

Saturday’s scene was a repeat of the unruly mob that gathered after the Gophers won their Thursday semifinal game over North Dakota. Police made nine arrests that night.