Maple Leafs forward says dressing room is ‘pretty screwed up’

It's not just the fans that are embarrassed by the Maple Leafs, a player says the locker room has issues.
Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

By David Rogers

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been the equivalent of a garbage fire this season according to the local media, the team’s fans and just about everyone who has watched the team. The dressing room appears to be in an awkward state following repeated quotes from the team’s management criticizing players as well as a recent statement from Jonathan Bernier in which he compared the Leafs to a junior team.

Is the room really as bad as it sounds? Yes, according to one anonymous player who spoke with the National Post.

“It’s pretty screwed up in here,” said the player, who requested that his name not be used.

The quote above may result in a “no kidding” reaction, but usually these situations tend to be overblown by the media. The Toronto media notoriously scrutinizes the Leafs, but in the past things haven’t been quite as bad as described. The media has been overly harsh, but maybe not this year. This season things might really be as bad as they sound.

Stay tuned. It sounds like the Leafs are going to have to make changes not only to improve the product on the ice, but also to address the “screwed up” dressing room.


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