Tyler Toffoli and Jake Muzzin have Team Canada’s attention

Tyler Toffoli, who almost qualifies for the "Young Guns" team for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, is on Canada's radar.
Bruce Fedyck/Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Armstrong, general manager for the St. Louis Blues as well as Team Canada's World Cup team, gave some interesting insight to reporters earlier today.

Two of those players, Tyler Toffoli and Jake Muzzin, play for the Los Angeles Kings, and, prior to Armstrong's statement, seemed like outside chances for Canada's World Cup team.

The 2014 Olympics featured a fierce Canadian team. The team won the gold medal, and every player featured on the team is still in the NHL today.

But both Muzzin and Toffoli have emerged as top NHL players. Muzzin, regularly partnered up with Drew Doughty, is regularly among the top possession-defensemen in the NHL.

Toffoli is off to a hot start to his season, with nine goals in his first 14 games.

Many different things could develop from now until the June 1, 2016 deadline. But for these two to already be on Armstrong's radar is pretty exciting.