What are the L.A. Kings going to do with Slava Voynov?

Why is Slava Voynov still under contract with the Kings, but Mike Richards isn't?
Kelvin Kuo/Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Kings are in an awkward position when it comes to Slava Voynov.

Voynov, who has spent time in jail for domestic violence, has a contract and is still technically on the team.

Mike Richards, who has been reportedly investigated by Canadian police, has not been charged with any sort of crime. But his contract was terminated.

Why did the Kings choose to terminate a contract for a player who hasn't been charged with anything, but not for the player who has actually served jail time for a crime he committed?

One player is far more valuable than the other.

Voynov is a 25-year-old defenseman who is capable of playing within the Kings' top four. He has a team-friendly cap has played a huge part in Los Angeles' recent success.

Richards is 30, and his play has slipped significantly over the past couple of years. Richards had five years remaining on his mega 12-year, $69 million deal that brought along a $5.75 million cap hit.

But what does that say about the Kings organization? Are they saying it's okay to forgive people of past mistakes and crimes, as long as they are a pretty good hockey player? Is domestic violence not a significant enough crime to completely ban a player from their team?

Should the Kings choose to rid themselves of Voynov, they have two options. They could trade him, or they could terminate the contract in the same way they terminated Richards' contract. 

What exactly are the Kings waiting for?

(h/t Pro Hockey Talk)