Los Angeles Kings Have Jonathan Quick Practicing in Full Gear

There’s a lot to be optimistic about in the midst of this 4 game winning streak for the Los Angeles Kings. Not only does the team look like they’ve snapped out of their doldrums, but a key player is on the right track to rejoining the squad for their playoff push.

Jon Rosen has a great story about Jonathan Quick returning to practice. It’s the first time that Quick has practiced on the ice in full gear since his groin injury back on opening night.

There’s no definitive date regarding when he’ll be back between the pipes in a regular season game, but this is certainly welcome news.

Watching Quick regain his health should be making many Western Conference teams nervous. The Kings look on the verge of a breakout, and currently have the longest winning streak in the league.

They’re in the second wildcard spot right now, but just one point behind the Calgary Flames for the top wildcard spot.

It was definitely easy to assume the worst during the skid the Kings floundered through recently, but things seem to be coalescing in a very intriguing manner.

Tyler Toffoli has still yet to return, but is close. A 30 goal scorer like him could be just what the team needs to jolt their offense.

In fact, the front office might even consider the return of Toffoli crucial enough that it makes a trade deadline acquisition of a goal scoring forward unnecessary.

This is team already in playoff position, and set to regain an elite goaltender and a 30 goal scorer at some point before the playoffs. That’s a terrifying scenario for Western Conference squads anticipating a potential series with the Kings.

Peter Budaj has had such a great season after the unfortunate Quick injury, and any team would feel extremely confident with a goaltending duo consisting of those two.

When Quick would need a rest, there wouldn’t even be the slightest apprehension of a significant dropoff in net.

The Kings have an unusual weekend upon them. They travel back to the East Coast to play a pair of afternoon games against the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals.

They can continue gaining momentum this weekend, and with Quick making progress, there’s a lot to be hopeful for about this team.

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