Looking at the Anaheim Ducks Headed to the Trade Deadline

The Anaheim Ducks Need to Look at Where They Are Before Making Any Trade Deadline Moves But There Are Some Possibilities to Consider.

The Anaheim Ducks sit squarely in playoff position, tied with the Edmonton Oilers for second in the Pacific Division. They have played a game more than the Oilers, though, and so could lose the tie.

But after these great players, they’ve got next to nothing. Jonathan Bernier has simply not been worth 4 million. Kevin Bieksa is not the player he once was. Corey Tropp is not an NHL-level player. So how can they go about getting depth at every position?

Well, first, they will get a few players back from suspension and injury before the playoffs. Antoine Vermette is coming back from suspension soon, and that will help the Ducks’ center depth. Simon Despres will hopefully be healthy again just as the Ducks reach the playoffs.

That’s two players that Anaheim desperately need. But how else can they address their needs?

Well, looking for a goaltender on the waiver has worked wonders for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who, according to the Toronto Sun, picked up Curtis McElhinney off of waivers.


The Anaheim Ducks can also make a few trades at the deadline. Now, these don’t have to be shiny, headlining trades. After all, all Anaheim really needs are depth players. They just have to make trades, and the Ducks will improve.

Some players to look at for the Ducks include P.A. Parenteau, and, according to the Hockey News, another player that should be available is Alexandre Burrows.

Both of these players could make sense for the Ducks because they are both players on expiring contracts, which is what the Ducks really need. If they package the right pick or prospect, they could also send back contracts with the same value to stay under the salary cap.

Both the Devils and the Canucks, who currently own the rights to Parenteau and Burrows respectively, are essentially out of the playoffs. They should both be sellers at the right price.

So what would the Ducks be willing to give up to get these contracts?

Ducks Get: Alexandre Burrows, LW

Canucks Get: Nicolas Kerdiles, LW; Jonathon Bernier, G; 3rd Round Pick

I don’t think that many teams are really actively pursuing Burrows. I think a good prospect and a middle pick are enough to help the Ducks get Burrows, and Bernier goes back in return because of salary cap negotiating.

The alternative is:

Ducks Get: P.A. Parenteau, RW

Devils Get: Logan Shaw, RW; 3rd Round Pick

This is a much cheaper deal because the Ducks don’t have to make as much wiggle room for Parenteau, who’s only making 1.25 mil (according to Cap Friendly). Shaw’s got 5 points, while Parenteau’s got 26. But Shaw’s younger, and is a restricted free agent, so the Devils would get their fair share out of the deal.

Other Moves

Like I said, picking up a goaltender off of the waiver wire makes sense for Anaheim. The Ducks also have Dustin Tokarski in the minors, who helped lead the Canadiens through a playoff series once upon a time. Tokarski could be good given a second chance, and Gibson needs a backup for the future. Tokarski’s got more years left on his contract.

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