Kings ice girl finds out that ice + high heels = trouble

Meet Hannah Hunsinger.

She has just completed her third season with the LA Kings organization as a member of the Ice Crew, one of the Stanley Cup champion’s hockey cheerleaders.

Of course, she was in attendance Friday night as the Kings wrapped up their second Cup title in three years, beating the New York Rangers in double overtime.

After the game, Hunsinger became more known for being a virtual Lady Luck for LA. Witness the local newscast.

Ouch!!! OK, let’s get this out of your system. Go ahead, get your guilty pleasure on with this wince-inducing GIF.

Painful, right?

Here’s the good news. While she was at first a mystery girl to the locals who saw the fall on live television, NBC Los Angeles confirmed via Twitter that she withstood the scary fall.

Thankfully, in all seriousness, she didn’t end up in the hospital. But Hannah took it all in, ahem, stride.

Hunsinger is no stranger to Kings Stanley Cup celebrations, as the team won during her rookie season.

Best of luck to Miss Hunsinger, and we hope her next 15 minutes of fame aren’t so embarrassing or painful.

H/T to our own FOX Sports Live host, Charissa Thompson.