Toews says he watched Kings win Cup and ‘let that sink in’

Chicago’s Captain Serious looked back at the Stanley Cup playoff and didn’t like what he saw.

At a Blackhawks press conference to formally announce the extensions of Jonathan Toews and his teammate Patrick Kane, Toews said he hasn’t watched a ton of last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs, but he did mention one scene that came to mind.

"I watched a little bit but not much and especially watched the celebration at the end when the Kings hoisted the Stanley Cup again and let that sink in a little bit," Toews said.

"I think we all realize how close we were and that’s not to say we would have cruised through the Stanley Cup Final. There’s no such thing. But we like to think that we were a goal away from getting another chance. You learn a lot when you win … but I think you learn even more, as they say, when you lose, especially when you come that close."

Toews and Kane signed matching eight-year, $84 million contracts last week, which means that they’ll be working in tandem to avoid future disappointment and bring Chicago it’s third Stanley Cup since 2010. But has locking up two elite players at all hurt the ‘Hawks’ chances of achieving that goal?


"I think that’s a big thing right there: The cap’s going to go up and the popularity of the game is in a good place right now to where you can see that getting even higher and higher," Kane said when asked if he was concerned about the possible repercussions the deal would have on the lineup.

"You know, I think it’s happened here before to the point where you’ve lost teammates and it’s never a good feeling. We obviously went through that summer where we lost nine or 10 guys on our team after we won the Cup and a couple years later we found ourselves in position to win another Cup, so I think the core is in a good place right now and with the cap rising I think we feel pretty comfortable about where our deals were at to still have good players around us."

Let’s hope for Toews’ sake that his teammate is right. Nothing like spending your summer sitting in a dark room, brooding over what could have been, right? Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.