John Tavares Pulls Out a Highlight Reel Pass

The New York Islanders and all of their fans know they have one of the best players in the league in John Tavares, and we love it when he reminds the rest of the hockey world of it.

John Tavares is one of the top ten hockey players in the NHL. Nay the world. Ok, the “world” is still probably just another word for the NHL, but it sounds more dramatic.

He’s ranked 10th in TSN’s top 50 players for 2016-17, that’s down six spots from the year before but still in the top ten. EASports has him ranked 13th in the most recent iteration of their highly popular NHL series of video games.

But being in Brooklyn, the national spotlight isn’t always cast on our superstar player. Heck, the Isles only have six nationally televised games this season. So for NHL fans outside of Brooklyn and maybe that one kid from Toronto with a Leafs Tavares jersey, the brilliance that is John Tavares doesn’t always resonate.

Until he does something so sublime, so outstanding, that it just can’t be ignored. I present you with the following play:

Just bask in the glory that is the through the legs back pass, to a streak man in the slot. Too bad the pass went to Josh Bailey and not someone with perhaps a better shot, say a Brock Nelson or even the version of Andrew Ladd Isles management thought was worth $5.5m per year.

Because had the puck gone into the net this replay would have been on the NHLs highlight reels for the next 10 years. Maybe longer.

Such is the brilliance that is John Tavares. His ability to make something out of nothing. His ability to turn almost any play into a scoring opportunity. This is what they other 29 NHL markets are missing.


Ok sure, some of those markets have superstars of their own. But when our superstar does something absolutely mindblowing it’s nice to get it out there. The good news needs to outweigh the bad news if this franchise is to capture and keep, some of the national attention.

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