John Scott Announces NHL Retirement in Players’ Tribune

John Scott Officially Announced His Retirement Today in An Article He Wrote For The Players’ Tribune. The 2016 NHL All-Star is Hanging Up His Gloves For Good in Exchange For a New Job: a Stay-At-Home Dad.

John Scott announced his retirement on Dec. 7, in an article titled “Five Goals, Four Kids, One Hell of a Good Time” he wrote for the Player’s Tribune. In the article, Scott discussed his All-Star experience and his career.

The undrafted defenseman from Michigan Tech played 10 seasons in the NHL, racking up 5 goals and, to his knowledge, around 43 fights. Hence, Scott became one of the NHL’s biggest enforcers.

Scott played for seven NHL teams in his career including the New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks and Arizona Coyotes. The defenseman made his way around the league and brought size and grit to the game.

All-Star John Scott

Last season fans voted the d-man into the 2016 NHL All-Star Game, therefore Scott was the Pacific Division captain. While the  NHL made efforts to prevent it, Scott attended the All-Star game and fans and players rejoiced over the fact that he was there.

Scott grabbed two goals in the All-Star match, won MVP and even “dropped the gloves” with Patrick Kane. Scott’s presence at the All-Star game reminded hockey fans about how great hockey could be.

Therefore, the 2016 All-Star Game has been a favorite in the last few years. The game was a reminder of how hockey could unite people, hence why so many fans and players were happily rallied behind Scott.

Scott’s Legacy: Enforcer, All-Star, Fan-Favorite

In conclusion, Scott is ending his hockey career in the best possible way. He is loved throughout the league, therefore many are supporting him in his future endeavors.

Fans will never forget Scott’s All-Star story. The defenseman became a legend when he joined his team for the All-Star Game and the story will live on.

Scott writes that he is proud of his hockey career and knows he isn’t the best player out there. He writes: “They’ll say, “You’re just a joke. You only scored five goals in your NHL career.” What can I say? You’re damn right I did.”

The 2016 All-Star has a lot to be proud of. Scott has fans throughout the league who admire his career and the points he has made. Therefore, Scott will be missed as he officially hangs up his gloves.

Scott is retiring as a team’s favorite enforcer, a 2016 NHL All-Star and as a fan-favorite. While his stats don’t ring high, Scott’s overall persona makes his career a very memorable one.

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