Ducks goalie Gibson goes retro with Pac-Man mask for 2014-15

Ducks netminder John Gibson will have a new look next season.

Harry How/Getty Images

After wearing a “Psycho Duck” mask last season, Anaheim Ducks goalie John Gibson is keeping it strange for 2014-15.

Gibson will be sporting a Pac-Man-themed goalie helmet come October in honor of the legendary video game from many moons ago.

The designer of the mask, Dave Gunnarsson, painted the entire piece of headgear in pixels — even the Ducks’ logos. This gives it a pretty cool ’80s look.

Oh, and it also includes holograms. Check it out:

Gibson won’t be the only one with a crazy mask this season. The Pac-Man style gives the impression that he’s trying to keep up with the Joneses in the Ducks locker room. Frederik Andersen will be busting out a LEGO-themed mask while newly signed goalie Jason LaBarbera has been known for some bizarre masks of his own.


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