Jarome Iginla Gets Last Playoff Chance With Los Angeles Kings

The Trade Deadline Has Come and Passed But Not Without the Kings Getting in on the Action. The Kings Picked Up Ben Bishop and, Now, Jarome Iginla. Iginla is Hopeful to Have His Final Playoff Run.

The Los Angeles Kings seem to be serious about making a run to the playoffs with their recent addition of veteran Jarome Iginla. Iginla was acquired in exchange for a conditional 4th round pick that may be phased out into nothing if the Kings miss the playoffs and Iginla doesn’t resign.

Iginla is nowhere near the 50-goal scorer he once was, but he is still a strong veteran presence that will be motivated to make another playoff run.

Iginla has not won a Stanley Cup in his career. Though the Kings don’t necessarily offer the best bet for that, but they are a strong playoff team. Getting into the playoffs has been their issue, but once they get in they are always a threat.

Everybody would want to see Iggy ride off into the sunset as a Stanley Cup Champion, and this could be his last chance. Iginla stated on TSN that it’s a coin flip if he returns for another season.

For the Kings, this is a statement to their players that they are going all-in to make the playoffs. Therefore, they added Ben Bishop for goaltending insurance and now have added Jarome Iginla to aid their scoring.

Moving Forward

The Kings remain the best possession team in the league. Therefore they are just a few lucky bounces here and there away from being right in the thick of a playoff spot.

They lost two heartbreaking games in overtime, one to the Calgary Flames, a team they were in a race off. Iginla’s leadership and potential clutch scoring may inspire the likes of Anze Kopitar, Marian Gaborik etc.

Iginla’s familiarity with head coach Darryl Sutter will be a factor, therefore Iginla shouldn’t take long to get acclimated with the team’s style. Iginla played for Sutter back in the Calgary years and they went to a Stanley Cup final together.

You can never count the Kings out, and now they have new additions. Therefore they will be playing high profile, intense hockey the rest of the way.

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