Islanders Show Another Poor Effort Against The Lightning

The New York Islanders got embarrassed by the Lightning for the third time this year. The final score tonight was 4-0 as the Lightning complete the season sweep.

I for one am not a person who believes in participation trophies, but I may consider changing my stance on the subject after having to sit through these games. Islanders fans deserve a freaking medal.

Another lackadaisical, uninspired effort from our boys in blue and orange tonight. After tricking you into thinking they would hang with the big bad Tampa Bay Lightning they collapsed in the final two minutes of the first period.

J.T. Brown scored 18:58 into the period and Ryan Callahan at 19:40 to give the Lightning a two goal lead heading into the intermission. Just fantastic.

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The second period wasn’t much better for the Isles as the Lightning would add two more goals as the Islanders only dug themselves into a bigger hole. 4-0 after two. After 8 periods against the Lightning this year the Islanders were outscored 14-2. Let that sink in.

There were no highlights for the Isles tonight, so instead of GIFs of Islanders goal we’ll share the best tweets from the game instead.

The wheels are falling off folks. This thing is getting real ugly, real quick. The Islanders need a spark, clearly. Anyone with half a brain and something resembling common sense knows that Jack Capuano has to be fired.

Is there a great replacement out there right now? Nope, but it doesn’t matter. it’s the change of culture that is necessary. Cappy might be the scapegoat, when there are clearly more issues present  but if you asked me he’s overstayed his welcome already so what’s the difference.

Next step after that would be a trade. Will any of this happen? Probably not but I needed to vent my frustrations. Only 66 more games to go, hang in there.

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