In hockey, you use your own water bottle — or it’ll cost you

He was thirsty, and the water bottle was right there, sitting on top of the net. So he took a swig. Next thing you know, he’s headed for the penalty box.

It’s not just a matter of hockey etiquette not to drink from the opposing goaltender’s bottle, but it’s also an unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty if you do. If the Portland Winterhawks’ Brendan Leipsic didn’t know that before, he knows it now.

"I learned my lesson," he said (via The Oregonian). "I won’t be doing that again."

Last weekend, his penalty turned what would have been a 5-of-3 power player into a 4-on-3, but his team still beat the Vancouver Giants in the Western Hockey League playoffs.

Here Leipsic is, caught in the act:

H/T The Big Lead.